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I'm back and ready to Bowen!

Soooo after a rather extended period of absence, I'm very excited to announce that I will be back in Clinic and offering home visits from 20th October 2022.

Having taken some much-needed R&R, including 3 months of traveling Europe, it's going to be wonderful to see my existing clients as well as welcoming hopefully many new clients through the door to experience this wonderful therapy.

SR Bowen Therapy has had some amazing re-branding, which really reflects the vision for my business going forward. Bowen has truly changed my life, initially helping with physical pain in my hips and back when I was young and also helping through some difficult periods of grief in my later teens/twenties. The phenomenal response I felt following Bowen Therapy inspired me to train and want to share the amazing affects you can receive from such a light and gentle treatment. I have created a space safe for all clients and a service that works around busy clients' busy lives.

If you are suffering from new pain, or on-going pain, why haven't you given Bowen Therapy a try? If you are lucky enough to not have any aches and pains, why haven't you given Bowen Therapy a try? It's great too for relaxation, mental health and overall general care.


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