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My name is Siân Rogers, I am a Bowen Therapist based on the Powys/Shropshire Border. I am able to offer appointments from my newly opened clinic at no.31a Church Street, Bishops Castle and The Treatment Rooms, Newtown. I also offer home visits and corporate Bowen Therapy sessions at your workplace.

Bowen Therapy is a huge passion of mine. This passion began when I was a teenager, having received Bowen Therapy for my own injury - an injury that neither surgery nor quarterly hydrocortisone injections could relieve the long-term pain I was in. Having suffered with hip and lower back problems Bowen Therapy quite literally changed my life, relieving my pain and reducing my 12 weekly hospital visits and invasive treatments to none. Bowen has also helped me through some periods of grief, helping my nervous system out of flight/flight mode. Having this experience puts me in a unique position, it inspired me to learn the Bowen Technique, to really advocate for and provide this incredible form of pain-relief therapy to others in similar situations. 


  •  Diploma of Proficiency in Bowen Therapeutic Technique - April 2018.

  • Emergency First Aid at Work - September 2022

  • Anatomy and Physiology Diploma  - September 2019

  • Reiki Masters (Usui system of natural healing) - September 2019

  • SPB 1 Bowtech CPD - November 2022 

  • AMT Pelvic & Lumbar Spine CPD - November 2022

  • Vagus Nerve Workshop (The Body Rewired) - March 2023

  • Lymphatics Unlocked (The Body Rewired) - May 2023

  • Special Bowen Procedures 1  Bowtech- July 2023 

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